Above all else, Durham Futsal League are proud to have always provided a safe and enjoyable environment for all our competing teams throughout its history. During these unique times we continue to make the safety and wellbeing of all our players and supporters our highest priority.

As we return to play and competition, we are even more committed to ensuring the safety of all and remain committed to delivering the highest of standards whilst meeting local and national safety protocols.

Throughout the remainder or 2020 and at minimum to the conclusion of our winter league season, Durham Futsal League will maintain and deliver the following protocols as mandatory expectations. We will regularly review and update our protocols with relevant new information.

If you’ve been sick with or having symptoms of COVID-19, or have been exposed to someone who has been sick with or having symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 14 days, DO NOT attend and have your coach/manager notify the league at


- Be made with at least 2 layers of breathable material

- Fully cover the nose and mouth and secure under the chin

- Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face

- Be secured with ties or ear loops.

- To be worn by coaches at all times. 

- Players to wear masks before and after training at all times. Players can wear during training and games at their own discretion.

- Masks must NOT be shared or left unattended.

- Please ensure masks are placed within your bag, preferably inside a sealable bag when not in use.


- Ensure all your equipment (ball, shin guards, water bottle)  is properly cleaned and sanitized.

- Ensure captain/manager has completed your teams health questionnaire

- Be dressed to train or play prior to arrival. No teams will be allowed to change at the field.

- Do not arrive earlier than 30 minutes prior to your kick off time.



- Masks to be worn to and from games venues. Masks to be worn whilst on sideline, unless actively drinking.

- Social distancing to occur for players during water breaks and coaching moment. Players will be expected to keep 6ft distance when on sideline.

- Body temperature checks will occur at all games. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 will be unable to play.

- Players must bring their own jersey, water and mask. These items will be prohibited from being shared.

- Players will not be allowed to shake hands or fist bump. After the game we will request players applaud their opponent from within their half.

- Teams will not switch benches at half time. First team to arrive will be placed in the furthest team zone. Post game team nearest the exit will be required to leave first.


- Prior to the start of the game, coaches will conduct a player Health Screening Questionnaire for all players.

- Coaches/Managers are required to wear masks at all times.

- Coaches/Managers must follow social distance guidelines and remain 6 feet away from athletes, other staff, and parents at all times.

- Equipment should be sanitized thoroughly at the end of each game.

- It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that players and spectators abide by all policies in this document.


- Referees first priority is the safety of all participants. Our referees will enforce our safety protocols throughout the game and if they feel that teams are not following protocols the game will be halted or forfeited.

- Referees are required to wear masks upon arrival to fields, while setting up for game play, and at the end of the game. Masks may be removed during game play.

- Referees will remain on the opposite side from teams. No player or coach is to approach the referee before, during or after the game.

- Referees will remain 4ft-6ft from players when entering the field.

- Referees will place a mask on when actively speaking to a player or coach.

- All referees must perform a temperature check and conduct a health screening prior to commencement of games.


- Parents/spectators are expected to wear masks while attending any DFL event in accordance with North Carolina State and Local Mandates.

- At fields where fencing surrounds the field, the spectator area will be located on the outside of the fence.

- Every family must maintain 6ft distancing while on the field of play and spectator sidelines.

- Following the completion of a match, all spectators are expected to vacate the spectator areas immediately to allow for the next group to enter the field.

- Parents/spectators are asked to not gather at the field until 10 minutes prior to game start to allow previous spectators to exit.

- Spectators must adhere to all requests made by the venue field marshall. Failure to do so will result in games being delayed or in extreme circumstances forfeited.

These requirements are the minimum expectation. Please ensure that you follow all requests of your coach and respect those around you when at training or games.

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